About us

Terry, based in Dębica, is a producer of PVC and PET film packaging, such as: tubes, blisters and folding boxes. We have been operating since 1992. Our main priority since its inception is to provide packaging that will meet customers’ expectations in 100%. That’s why we pay special attention to the materials we use to manufacture our products. We introduced modern production methods and a special quality management system. It caused that today we are one of the few companies in the industry that has the BRC Packaging certificate – an international document awarded to companies that have met the high requirements for the method of production of packaging for food storage.

We are experts in the field of tube production

The main area of ​​our activity is the production of tubes of PET and PVC film, as well as cardboard and foil tubes, which are used as packaging or display material. At the clients’ request, we can also label them with graphics, which makes them a perfect carrier of advertising content. In addition to the perfect tubes, we also prepare blister packs, technological trays and inserts. As few in the industry, we have the BRC Packaging certificate.

Z.P.H.U. Terry Ryszard Pilch

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